Welcome to the Mycology Club at the University of Minnesota

Upcoming Events

Hello Myco Club! Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are working to organize a variety of remote activities to keep our mycology content coming. Stay tuned!

Freaky Fungi Coloring Pages!

Check out these original coloring pages highlighting some of nature's spooky fungi for the Halloween season!

PDF icon zombie_ant.pdf

PDF icon deadmans_fingers.pdf

PDF icon bleeding_tooth_fungus.pdf

Our Mission

Formed in 2012, the UMN Mycology Club is a platform for learning, teaching and celebrating fungal biology. Our aim is to unify the diversity of fungal knowledge around the campus and community through educational lectures, hands-on workshops, outreach and forays.

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Mycology Club at UMN
(ATTN Claire Anderson)
1500 Gortner Ave.
Cargill Building 240
St. Paul, MN 55108


Myco Club at the UMN