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Upcoming events

The Morels and Memories Mushroom Hunt & Alzheimer’s Fundraiser was started in honor of my mother Heidi Vanderlinde, who was diagnosed with Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, in 2011, at the age of 49. The fundraiser is now on it’s 4th year, raising almost $10k and counting towards fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

100% of donations will be going to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

Learn tips and tricks on locating Morels
Learn how to identify Morels
Learn how to clean and store Morels
Learn how to cook with Morels by watching a cooking demonstration-sample your mushrooms if you find some!

Music this year by Squad Car Denny & The TomKatz!

Prizes for the first, largest, most morels found, and for the participant who raises the most funds!

Keep what you find!

*Please note, as Morels only grow in the wild, there are no guarantees you will find any
*Please dress for the woods, there are things like sharp branches, poison ivy, and wood ticks in the woods so make sure you dress accordingly

Donation to participate will be $50 per person. Children 12 & under are free.

Signage will be posted the day of the event on Swede Lake Road

Pre-Registration highly recommended.


Morels and Memories 2019







Our Mission

Formed in 2012, the UMN Mycology Club is a platform for learning, teaching and celebrating fungal biology. Our aim is to unify the diversity of fungal knowledge around the campus and community through educational lectures, hands-on workshops, outreach and forays.

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