Cedric Ndinga Muniania

Cedric Ndinga MunianiaI am originally from the Republic of Congo, I obtained my Bachelor of Sciences in Biology from Kent State University in Kent, OH. I then decided to go get a Master of Sciences in Biology from Western Illinois University (Macomb, IL), where my research focused on dark septate fungi associated with biocrust and rhizosphere soils. 

Currently I am looking at the foliar fungal endophytes associated with agronomics and natural prairies systems and the potential impact on productivity and resistance to pathogens.

I am super excited to be an officer of the mycoclub as it allows me to interact with people who share the same love for the best and most fun organism on earth "FUNgi".

My other interests are essentially soccer, good beer and delicious food from different parts of the world. 

Email:  nding001@umn.edu