Archived Seminars


Feb. 6th – Prof. Ahmed Abdel-Azeem – Fungi of Egypt: history, biology and future perspectives

Feb. 12th – Prof. Scott Bates – Poised for a new era of mycological discovery

March 11th – Prof. Roger Koide – Ecological studies of mycorrhizal symbiosis

March 12th – Anna Gerenday – Mushrooms of MN Wetlands

April 4th – Dr. Jon Menke – Trichothecene biosynthesis in F. graminerum

Sept. 24th – M.D. Jon Cole – Fungi of Egypt: history, biodiversity, conservation and future perspective 


Dec. 12th – Movie – The Rotten World About Us

Nov. 21st – Dr. Peter Kennedy – When your friend’s friend is your enemy: exploring the nature of competitive interactions among ECM fungi

Feb. 13th – Dr. Claudia Schmidt-Dannert – The ‘terpenome’ of fungi

April 24th – Dr. Corby Kistler – Fusarium and its stormy relationship with plants

March 13th – Dr. Anne Fallon – Fungus farming by termites and ants

Feb. 13th – Dr. Robert Blanchette – Ethnomycology: Tales of a fungal shaman


Nov. 14th – Dr. Jonathan Schilling – Beyond the microcosm: Fungi without borders